Ministry Report from the UK

From Dave Newton, National Office

Young people encounter Jesus at Camps

It is often said that a year youth of work can take place in a week residential but it has been amazing to be reminded again of what God does when we present HIM and HIS message to young people and give them space to consider it. Already since the summer Fort Rocky weekends have seen young people make decisions for Jesus. A number of the team was overjoyed when they took a group of young people they work with in Birmingham to Fort Rocky. After years of conversations and discussions and a lot of listening and being there 5 young people from that group made the decision to follow Jesus. Last weekend I spoke in Hull and was asked to talk about ‘How Young People could start a Revival in Hull’, I was greeted by 35 young people who couldn’t stop praying and worshipping that when I stood up to speak 4 hours later my opening sentence was… ‘I think the Revival has started.’

A summer of Riots

Summer 2011 will probably be remembered for the RIOTS, when many took to the streets to protest.  Not many will be aware that whilst this was happening a Youth for Christ team was working in Trafford with a group of 8 young people offering diversionary and esteemed building activities for them.  This group was identified by the Youth Offending Team as at risk and likely to be involved in local rioting.  Read more here.

Beyond Belief October 22-28

In just 3 weeks’ time Youth for Christ and Soul Survivor will be gathering 300 young people to run a week of mission across Cambridge giving away God’s love.  Beyond Belief will be 6 days of words, works and wonders. Hosted by local churches, delegates will engage in community action and outreach projects, sharing the outrageous grace of God. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Prayer Points

  • Life-change in mission in Cambridge
  • Teams out on the road
  • Anointing of God speaking and preaching this month
  • Youth weekend this month
  • Safety on the road
  • Energy wisdom and creativity in all meetings
  • Upcoming Events
  • Meetings with UCB, CYM and Serious 4 God
  • Mission Core Group meeting (Hope)
  • LT Ops (19th October)
  • Reflex Training (20th and 21st October)
  • Beyond Belief, Cambridge (23rd-27th October)
  • Commissioning (29th October)