Brazil / Portugal Agreement Demonstrates Unity, Collaboration

It is a beautiful thing when YFC nations come together to help one another. This happened recently in a new partnership with YFC Portugal and YFC Brazil.

In January the two nations signed a partnership agreement to work together to further the kingdom of God through YFC in Portugal. Rui Pereira, the board chairman of YFC Portugal, traveled in January to Brazil to take part in training and building up of the relationship between the two countries.

Recently, YFC Brazil sent a missionary couple, André and Joslaine, to help with the work in Portugal. This autumn they are trying to establish relationships with local churches who are interested in YFC.

At the beginning of September Ricardo Costa, the National Training Director of Brazil, came to Portugal to see things with his own eyes and to discuss plans for the future. The dream of the two countries is to open a training center in Portugal that would serve not only Portugal but also the Portuguese speaking nations of Africa.

Please pray that God will use these two nations working together to reignite YFC in Portugal and reach the youth there.