Brandon Johnson Begins New Role in Cyprus

The Johnson family recently arrived in Cyprus, relocating from Denver, Colorado to Limassol, Cyprus, where Brandon is taking up his position as National Coordinator of Youth for Christ in Cyprus.

Pray for this young family as they start to find their feet in a new environment. If you have lived overseas you will know some of the issues that will have to be sorted out right away – car, utilities, registration with the local authorities, schools of various sorts, and not least, finding the best places to buy all the daily necessities of life.

Brandon hopes to expand the young ministry in Cyprus. Right now Youth for Christ mainly works with the Christian community to provide youth activities and events. Brandon would like to shift the focus to evangelism and begin to do more outreach into the broader youth community. Brandon previously was in charge of Youth for Christ’s International young leader two-year process. He oversaw approximately 200 young people from over sixty countries as they completed assignments in leadership development.

Brandon has served with Youth for Christ since 2004. He first served with Project Serve, the short-term missions department of Youth for Christ USA, doing admin work and leading mission trips around the world. He joined the International team in 2006 to work on developing YFC University. This work transitioned into leading the young leader development process.