Belgium, France Unite to Reach Teens

JP Longeron, Youth for Christ in France

jpcfranceJust a quick update of Bouge ta Ville Liege: Six different churches from Liege participated in this event. Around 100 young people (most of them from these churches, some others from other parts of Belgium and France) gathered. The gospel was shared in a public and relevant way. Many Bibles were given away, and a few people came to Christ and/or decided to join a church.

It has really been a pleasure to be there and see what
God is doing! The team did an excellent job.

The main challenge was definitely to let churches who have very different ways of working serve together. And it has been a success, as a big sense of unity was there at the end of the event, between the youth from all the different churches.

Some pastors have shared the desire to see Youth for Christ restart in Belgium.