Awakening: Slovakia 2017

"God, give me the grace to share Jesus today!"

  • Youth for Christ Slovakia organized a weekend with 3 conferences in 1:
    Mobilization (few days of fasting);
  • Regional meeting for Central Europa with all the national directors and
  • Awakening Slovakia on Sunday afternoon.

Key leaders of Slovakia were part of the conference. One of the activities was 16 hours of praise and worship on the street connected with evangelism and testimonies. Adam Shepski (global prayer coordinator) and Ben Fritzerald took young people to the street to share the gospel and prayed for people and lead them to Christ. Ben Fitzerald is evangelist and the leader of Awakening Europe. Also Planetshakers from Australia was invited and did an amazing job. Around 1000 people attended the conference.

Testimony: Adam Shepski, YFCI
‘Every person counts. Yesterday some Slovakian brothers and I stopped this young man on the street. We prayed for his wrist (which was healed) and then after explaining how Jesus gives life, and how this young mans lifestyle was not life-giving, this young man gave his entire heart to Jesus and was born again in God! This guy felt the presence of God rush like fire into his chest. He later came to Awakening Slovakia and while down on his knees with his hands in the air worshipped His Heavenly Father as a new born Child of God! YAY! I learned from a friend to pray every day, “God, give me the grace to share Jesus today!” This young man was really happy that some people had the courage to stop him to share Jesus!’