Announcing the new International Board Chair

In the recent Youth for Christ International Board Meeting on May 3rd, Howard Stevenson finished his term as Board Chair and notified the Board that he was stepping down from the Youth for Christ International Board of Trustees. Howard noted that chairing the Board has been a highlight of his life in many ways, as the Board protects the mission of Youth for Christ globally. Chairing the Board has also been an avenue of personal spiritual formation for him. Howard served ten years on the board, nine of those years as the Board Chair. I am grateful for his service on the Board and his leadership as Board Chair. He led us through some challenging and fruitful times, including the COVID journey, and he and I formed a close friendship through it all. He will be missed!

We are thrilled to announce that Nthenya Macharia has been elected as the new Board Chair of Youth for Christ International. Notably, Nthenya is the first female to hold this position in our 80-year history.

Nthenya’s journey with Youth for Christ began in her childhood when she attended meetings with her siblings in Nairobi, Kenya. After high school, she joined a gap year program, known as Action Group, and subsequently toured the United States with the G21 and Shuhuda music groups. During these tours, she spread the gospel and raised support for Africa.

Nthenya has played a pivotal role in organizing and planning Youth for Christ events in the region, showcasing her dedication and leadership. In 2016, she joined the Youth for Christ International Board, and her commitment and vision earned her the position of Vice Chair in 2018.

With a background in communications, Nthenya is a certified Image Master, coaching leaders to craft their personal and business brands, ensuring they leave a lasting legacy. Beyond her professional achievements, Nthenya is a proud mother of two boys, whom she and her husband, Paul, cherish deeply.

We are confident that Youth for Christ International will continue to thrive under Nthenya Macharia’s leadership of the board and make a profound impact on the lives of young people around the world. Please join us in congratulating Nthenya on her historic new role and supporting her in this exciting journey.

Dave Brereton

International Director