Angola Summer Camp a Success

Graciano Viliengue, National Director, Youth for Christ

angola2For young people in Angola, summer camp  happens in January. The team is very blessed and more than satisfied with the results of this year’s camp.

Held in Huambo Province, in the municipality of Caala, at commune Calenga, camper’s met with the motto “Steps can make all the difference.” Nearly 250 campers, supported by a team of 40 volunteers, came from seven provinces. Participants included Catholics, Evangelicals, Adventists and some who do not go to church.

Volunteers all leave their jobs and work tirelessly to help the camp run successfully, arriving two days before camp, paying their own facility fee, and contributing to camp costs – essentially paying to serve. They wake up early and go to sleep very late, and serve every moment in between with a smile on their faces. What a Christlike example!

The efforts of the hard working volunteers were not in vain. Many young people made important decisions during their time together, accepting Christ, committing to Africa’s Generation 21, and sexual purity, to name a few. At the end of the camp the young people left challenged to make changes in the environment in which they live.