Angola: “Future of Young People Our Greatest Passion”


“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain … Except the Lord keep watch, in vain watches the watchmen…” Psalm 127:1

ang4The purpose of Angola Youth for Christ is summed up as follows:

  1. To promote the training of young Christian leaders to enable them to efficiently and thus achieve better leadership among our youth;
  2. Encourage young people to live a balanced life, assuming its responsibilities in the church, the community, the nation;
  3. Promote and encourage the academic, professional, cultural and scientific among youth and adolescents;
  4. Promote social solidarity; participate in the fight against prostitution, sexual abuse, diseases such as HIV / AIDS and other social ills;
  5. Promote community development, education for the protection and prevention of the environment;
  6. Promote campaigns for the collection and distribution of donations for the poor; promote harmonious living and healthy socialization of youth;
  7. Cooperate with the government and other organizations in promoting social and cultural development of the nation;
  8. Pursue other intents and purposes that do not contradict Christian principles of Youth for Christ or the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Angola.

ang5The future of your young people is our greatest passion. Without the Lord, anything we did in 2014 would not have been possible.

Evangelism & Discipleship

Evangelism and discipleship are the key to the movement’s existence, because we are Youth for Christ. For this we take several outreach actions in mass and personal. For this purpose we had activities such as evangelism door to door; Holiday Bible School, camps (children, adolescents and young people); street programs.

angola2And concerning the discipleship groups we provided Christian education for spiritual and social growth.

As many as 1,555 were reached during the year, including children, adolescents and young people; 100 made decisions to be followers of Jesus Christ and more than 250 renewed their commitments. We still had another 200 people committed to be the “commitment generation” (this is a program that aims to challenge young people and adolescents to be catalysts of God in the true development of a Pan-African Generation, youth that will be characterized by prowess in battle spiritual, boldness in evangelism, passion in social involvement and compassion in leadership, thereby reflecting an exemplary lifestyle) and another 250 youth and adolescents signed the pledge “Merit Waiting” to remain sexually pure until marriage.

angola1Social Involvement

Social involvement has received adequate attention. However, it has lacked financial resources and materials. For the year 2014 our actions were more aimed at children and adolescents, including our soup kitchen program on a monthly basis. This is the program targeted to street children and children in street, offering them a meal, biblical stories and lots of fun. We are working hard on their behavior and by the end of the year we saw them living without fighting each other. Angola YFC also formed a soccer team with them. 17 street children have benefited from the soup kitchen. Still about 400 children from poor communities benefited from snacks, clothing, footwear, recreation and word of salvation.

In partnership with a local hospital, we have had a remarkable experience working with 30-50 mentally ill patients, praying for them and offering biblical words of comfort.

angola3Leadership Development

For the year under review (2014) the training actions were more internal, directed to our staff and volunteers; a, few others went to churches and other institutions.
We train our volunteers in matters of stewardship, building effective teams, volunteering, essentials of Youth for Christ, Holiday Bible School, effective leadership, evangelism, prayer life, choices and decisions, self-control, and more.

Training offered to churches and Evangelical Theology Institute in Lubango included theatre and drama for reaching young people; how to program and run a good camp, effective leadership, and training the Sunday Biblical School Teachers.


Our gratitude goes to God who gave us strength, life and the opportunity to serve, and to all those who supported us financially, in prayer and materially, as well as the Mission Aviation Fellowship which has hosted us in their facilities and to many others who prayed for this ministry. May God reward.


  • Please pray for more people full and part-time; our current work is entirely with volunteers
  • Pray for finances to accomplish the activities of the national office, as well as the provincial centers.
  • Pray for the farm problem outcome where we are supposed to be building our training center
  • Pray for own office and for transport to the ministry