A Young Atheist Turns to God for Help – And Finds It

We always hear that Christmas is a time for miracles.  According to Tyoma Kondrashov (YFC Ukraine’s Sports Coordinator), this Christmas was no exception (Ukraine celebrates Christmas on the 7th of January).

Before Christmas, Youth for Christ Ukraine had an evangelism meeting. At the end of the meeting, Tyoma recorded videos with Christmas wishes of the Christian Soccer League players.

When a young man named Taras, who had repeatedly said at previous gatherings that he was an atheist, finished his response, everyone was surprised.  Instead of refusing to respond, he announced that a miracle happened in his life and he believed in God!

Later in the evening he told his story:

There were some unpleasant moments in my personal relationship with a girl. And it seemed like quite a hopeless situation… And then in desperation, I turned to God to help me. AND IT HAPPENED! Things did get better!   I asked God for His forgiveness of all my sins. And now I pray every day. I am very grateful to God for all that He is doing for me! I really feel His support!

Those who know Taras regard his new-found faith as a wonderful work of God, as Taras was once a very stubborn atheist.  Now he is beginning to study the Bible.

Many staff and friends of Youth for Christ pray regularly for young people like Taras to begin a personal relationship with Jesus. Join us in thanking God for His answers to prayer, and praying for his continued spiritual growth.