A Smile in the Heart of Africa

From Jean Baptiste, National Director

Youth for Christ in Rwanda recently hosted 350 clients of Operation Smile, an organization that fixes cleft lips and palates in children. During the week, there were many children from very poor families who have been living a sad life because of their cleft lip and palate. After a week of hard work by dedicated surgeons, the children went back with a smile on their faces.

Leaders of Operation Smile thanked Youth for Christ for the affordable accommodation that was provided to the patients. They were also smiling.

The clefts are a minor external emptiness which cannot be compared to the emptiness of the heart which Youth for Christ staff see every day in the lives of thousands of young people who are lost without Christ. The spiritual cleft is sin which separated us from God, brought death and took away our joy and genuine smile. Such clefts were the main gates the devil went through in the 1990’s to destroy Rwanda.

What a joy it is today to know that Christ is God’s antidote for the spiritual cleft. And because of what He is doing in our lives, in Youth for Christ, and in Rwanda as a nation, there is much reason to smile.