A Great “Beginning” in Poland

Marcela Chyba- “the Beginning” Coordinator – Poland

I had waited for the Beginning 14/15 conference with much bigger excitement and anticipation than last year. We, as the team of organisers, knew that it was likely to attract nearly 600 young people but I personally was also very much looking forward to seeing what God was to do in their lives during the conference. God had spoken a lot to us and given us promises about the Beginning. We expected it to be one of the most significant events we had ever attended. And we were not mistaken. What God did this time overgrew our expectations. He again surprised us with His timing and how He always did everything in His right time “on time.” We again could see lots of miracles happen and experience the truth that Love never fails!

We, as the Beginning team, realise that this new young generation is ever so hungry for a true and deep relationship with Christ. We were so touched to see hundreds of young people worshiping God on the New Year’s Eve for hours. We still get many messages from young people thanking us for creating such a great opportunity for them to enter a new year in such a way. We are truly encouraged to see young people experiencing the living God not only at such events but every day of their lives.

The Beginning 2014/15 gathered nearly 600 people. We believe that in following years will bring even a greater growth, which is our prayer. We dream of seeing more and more young warriors who go out and serve those in need, pray for the sick, and share God’s love with the rejected. This year’s Beginning was incredible.