Observations from Egypt – A Christian Perspective

Thank you so much for your prayerful concern and support during this time. It is needed more than ever before as we ask His kingdom to come and His will be done in Egypt as it is in heaven.

The M department met for the first time this week – we were so happy to see each other after being separated for over 7 days due to the curfew and ongoing unrest. We had a great time of prayer, planning and fellowship in a safe location. We began by focusing our thoughts on Psalm 27 and claiming the promises of God. One of our team reminded us that this battle is the Lord’s, not ours, and we are to join Him in what He is doing. There was a great sense of hope and expectation as to how the Lord will act, especially as we focused on Isaiah 19. We were reminded that Egypt is the very land where Jesus learned to walk and talk as a child. We know that this land is so precious to His heart and believe we must be faithful in fervent prayer. Another team member commented that this is an earthquake happening because of the voice of the Lord; He is shaking the ground of things that are not eternal. The kingdom of God is not going to be shaken, but rather it is going to expand.

It was such an encouragement to hear how the Lord has been using His bride as a light in the midst of the great darkness. One Imam remarked the other day, ‘this is the behaviour of Christ’ as he observed a group of Christians. Many of you will have been moved by the scenes from Tahrir Square where Christians formed a human shield to protect Muslim friends as they prayed in between protesting. This is particularly poignant following all that happened in Alexandria on 1st January.

Some things Pastor *** has observed about Egypt as a nation during these troubled times:

  1. Spirit of Courage: The people have discovered that they don’t have fear to speak up anymore!  The people are not afraid of the authorities abusing them.
  2. Spirit of Patriotism: There are flags everywhere, people rich and poor, Christian and Muslim, old and young.  Neighbours are meeting each other for the first time and forming friendships.
  3. Spirit of Cleanliness: People went out on the streets and cleaned their own neighbourhoods.  This has led them to an attitude of respect for their city and its cleanliness. Tahrir Square is clean in spite of all the people protesting.  This will hopefully lead to cleanliness from corruption.  This is something very positive that has started with this revolution; pray the roots go down deep.

On Sunday we met for the first time as a fellowship since the uprising. We met in two locations, Tahrir and a suburb Mukatum. Our meeting in Tahrir wasn’t in the usual building, but rather on the streets where we had the opportunity to lead the thousands gathered in praise and worship to our great God…

While there are many doors of opportunity opening, we have experienced continued persecution in Minya, Upper Egypt. Eleven Christians including four children were killed last Sunday. Fearing for their safety, other Christian families have fled mainly Muslim villages in the region. Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of Barnabas Fund said: “It is clear that there is a direct relationship between the breakdown of security in Egypt and the increased vulnerability of Christians. They have limited human protection. We must pray that the Good Shepherd will watch over His people in Egypt.”

We truly covet your prayers at this time. We know that intercessors have been praying for this region for decades and God is answering prayers as He unsettles principalities, tears down strongholds and sets the captives free. More than ever we are aware of the words in Ephesians 6:12, ‘For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.’

Some specific prayer requests:

  1. Pray for God to visit the homes of the poor and from the flooded Nile and fill the thirsty people.  Pray God blesses His people, Egypt.
  2. Pray a blessing upon the birth of the new nation. Ask God to complete the birth process, to bring people out in each city to continue prayers until we see His name honoured throughout the land.
  3. Pray for heavenly wisdom and strength. Ask that His Kingdom come on earth…
  4. Pray  for the unity of the Church throughout the land.
  5. Pray for families who have lost loved ones in the protests.

As one leader noted, “We need supernatural wisdom on how to handle this open door that God has given us. What we see happening is a reflection of what is happening in the heavenlies – all-out spiritual war for the souls of men and women.”

I urge you watchmen arise and take your positions on the wall. Seek the Lord for direction as you stand in the gap for this nation. Ask Him to call forth an army of prayer warriors to take part in this historic season in the history of Egypt.

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