Canadian National Ministry Conference

From Adam Shepski, Prayer Coordinator

“Follow me” was the invitation as Canada’s Highlands Chapter hosted staff from across the country for Youth for Christ’s 2013 Canadian National Ministry Conference.

Some of the highlights were hearing from Bill McRae, who helped attendees refocus on the cross, and Carl Medearis, who invited everyone to again follow Jesus, love deeply and live without offense.

There was a tangible sense of God’s presence as well as a growing heart for unity within the Youth for Christ family.  There was healing and repentance as participants prayed together, celebrated together, and grieved together.

Why are we sensing God’s work so deeply within us?  Simply…We are learning to pray.  We are not offering a list to the Lord but our very lives as an offering, where our prayer becomes more than simple requests but communion with the Spirit Himself!

From the Day of Discernment (which was wildly good) to the final goodbyes we, by prayer, have been intentionally giving God room to move and re-shape us.

Without question, the Holy Spirit moved in power and love and again challenged us as a movement to follow Jesus.