James and Ashley Wing were both saved at a young age, although the choice to truly follow Christ would occur later in life.  James grew up and admittedly struggled in his youth, choosing to run from God and HIS design for his life.  In her youth Ashley grappled in her relationship with Christ as well. Both hungered for something more to life, not realizing what God had in store.

James eventually became a Captain with the fire department, and Ashley a Family Nurse Practitioner.  Their paths crossed, they married, and they felt God’s continued draw towards a life lived for Christ.  Together they have served with their church in children’s ministry, group huddles, a mission trip to Honduras, community groups and various other service opportunities.  Ashley also led missions and an annual women’s retreat.  James assisted with the men’s group, helped to organize a sports camp for the youth in Puerto Rico and volunteers annually for their church’s youth sports camp. James is currently working on a degree in Leadership and Ministry with Kansas Christian College.

God has continued to pull their lives into focus, using past hurt to develop their testimony and reach youth who face similar struggles. Given the incredible history of Youth for Christ and the Wings’ mutual desire to reach youth and share the story of Christ, Youth for Christ was a natural choice.  James and Ashley feel God’s desire is to continue the current spiritual growth and spread Youth for Christ programs on the island of Puerto Rico. They will be serving kids within their own communities and schools utilizing Campus Life, City Life and Juvenile Justice Ministries.

The Wings are equipped to share the gospel and show God’s love to the youth.  The Wings encourage you to share in their journey along the way!