Desolate. This is what Yerevan, the capital of Armenia looks like. Especially on many cold days when the temperature during the day remains below freezing. 

Fortunately in the midst of gloom and poverty there are sparks of hope. Look at the story of Robert, the oldest son of dad Grego and mum Sonia; they live in this flat in one of the outskirts of the city.

Robert is six years old and has an eye disease. He sees very badly even with his thick glasses at a strength of -11. Fortunately he received an invitation to come to the daycare centre six months ago. Robert really wanted that and since then he hasn’t skipped a day. 

We walked a bit with him to take a look. It’s quite a long walk from his home to the centre but on the way we also see something of the city of Yerevan. Look. Miss Anni opens the door of the centre inside. Robert gets a hot meal and the teacher helps him with his school work.  In the centre he heard for the first time of his life about the Bible and that God always wants to be close. This made a deep impression on Robert and since then he has been sharing the Bible stories at home. He also taught his parents to pray.

Robert’s stories change the family. Father and mother have regained courage. They are praying now for Robert and their other children Orson and Ophelia. When Roberts has to go to the doctor, they pray the Lord’s prayer first at home.

Thanks to daycare centres in eastern and central Europe there are now sparks of hope in desolate cities like Yerevan.

Will you help to give children a warm place in as many places as possible this winter?