As many as  76 students engaged in seven different study programs.

Leaders believe that over the next two years, they will manage to encourage and prepare young people for their ministries and raise people who will worship God in everything they do the best way they can. The goal of the school is to give participants an opportunity to grow in their relationship with God and cultivate skills that they need to do the things they like in high quality.

TWC school also has a connection with Christian television: LifeTv, which helps with workshops focusing on the area of media.

The topic of the first weekend was “Aim, purpose and motivation.” Students (and teachers) enjoyed a time of worship with Timothy worship band and a music workshop, where members of the band shared the “backstage“ insights into their worship and their lives. Other workshops were full of greetings, teaching, sharing, prayers and worshiping God by dance, visual art or sound mastering. Intercessors were learning to pray and listen to God at prayer workshop. Students at the video workshop were recording a TV show. 

And what is ahead for TWC? The school has organized its second weekend block with a topic: “Outward worship is just a reflection of worship in our secret place.” Participants will learn how to have a deep, personal and fulfilled relationship with their Heavenly Father.

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