Galilee Perilus, the National Director of Youth for Christ in Haiti, has put out an urgent request for ministry teams to come to the island nation to help reach lost and desperate young people with the Good News of Jesus.

Perhaps your local Youth for Christ chapter or church youth group would like to put together a team for a short-term mission project.

A Youth for Christ hosted team would be hosted in Saint-Marc, a small city located about an hour and a half north of Port-au-Prince. Saint-Marc is a relatively safe city with stability, infrastructure, order and security. Saint-Marc started addressing several of the problems affecting Haiti before the earthquake in 2010. The surrounding areas have a difficult time accessing clean water. Many people are forced to trek up to over an hour to access only a trickle of water.

Participants could help with Vacation Bible School, painting projects, construction projects, school development, church renovation, hand sanitization education, self-sufficient feeding program or Bible teaching opportunities. Additional opportunities exist for street evangelism, computer repair and Bible distribution.

For more information on how your group can partner with Haiti, please contact Galilee Perilus using the form below: