from Anna Musaya, National Director in Kenya

Tabitha has been on staff since 2006, after volunteering for 18 months. Many times she has been alone on the ground, with a major challenge of volunteers not signing up to serve. She has worked faithfully, and diligently, training peer educators in six schools on the abstinence curriculum, and counselling at a Juvenile centre.

It is thus refreshing to receive a testimony, like the one below, from youth that she reaches in schools:

“For a long time I have been a people-pleaser, taking issues personally, and as a result I held grudges against people. When you talked about being yourself and self-esteem, I felt like you were sent to talk to me! Since then I resolved to be myself. My friends say I have changed. I can smile, and I am sociable! Thanks for allowing God to use you in reaching young people.”

-Margaret, a freshman high school student