Our dear brother, friend and YFC Family member, Roger Cross has left the land of the dying for the land of the living. We who are left behind celebrate a marvellous, godly legacy of a man who allowed himself to be infused by the Holy Spirit. Less than a year ago, I asked Roger to lead a devotional time for our World Leadership Team and he came, along with his good friend John Sagherian. Roger was, as always, thrilled to serve and share. These are my notes from that time of sharing.

Our walk with God is about Initiative and Persistence. God takes the initiative to love us and now He asks us to take the initiative to serve Him. We must take the initiative to sow the seed – He produces the yield.

And why do we need to be Persistent? Well, just as God is persistent in His love for us, we need to be persistent, insistent in our love for this generation and for each other. Roger then spoke about some very personal things:

If there is something between you and someone else in the ministry, you go and be reconciled. Don’t let that fester or sit on your heart. Deal with it. Be persistent in being agents of peace. Also, love your wife. Neglect does not honour God. Serve with her, love her, honour and celebrate her. And in order to take initiative and be persistent, we must have great faith. That’s what it all boils down to; faith! Believing that God has called us for His purposes and for His glory.

As we prepare to remember and commemorate and even memorialise Roger’s life this week with a service and a graveside fellowship, we thank you, Roger and Jan for leading us with your lives. The global family of YFC is grateful for your service and we will pray for that peace that passes all understanding to hold and comfort the Cross family both now and forevermore.

The precious saints of God live on. God never said, “I WAS the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” Instead He declared unequivocally, triumphantly to the children of Israel – “I AM the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” – He is ever and always shall be the God of our brother, Roger Cross.