Two ministry mothers made two men cry on a mountain in Colorado; a fireman, Jay Sagherian and an ex-cop, me. We were hiking at 12,000 feet in a frigid, snowy whiteout, talking and reminiscing about Nancy and Georgia, our mothers. Both of them have left the land of the dying for the land of living way too early, but God is still sovereign. As we heard at the memorial service for Roger Cross this past weekend, “The Lord giveth, and for that we thank Him. The Lord taketh away, and for that we trust Him. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Resized_20160424_074824Why did we cry? What were we remembering? Both of them loved Jesus more than anything. Both of them loved their husbands and their children in His strength. And both of them were wholly surrendered to His will, no matter what it cost, no matter what.

Nancy stayed in Beirut through the bombings ministering to teens, blessing them through YFC Lebanon. Georgia spent most of her life behind barbed wire in Bogotá visiting inmates, blessing them through Prison Fellowship Colombia.

There are girls all over this planet who may one day bear sons. The role of Youth for Christ is to raise up a new generation of godly mothers who will bring the Kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven. Jay and I wept because we miss them, but we embraced and hiked and powered on because their passion lives on in us and through us. Blessed by the name of the Lord.