Honza and Pavla Janko and their two children live in a small country in the heart of Europe – the Czech Republic.

Grateful to be a part of God’s global family, and grateful for their salvation, Honza and Pavla have incredible love and passion for young people who are lost as they were before. As they put it, “We cannot only stay inactive, when we see the consequences of sin, selfishness and life witout love around us. We want to share Love with the capital letter L, which we recieved.” After much prayer, Honza felt led to quit his full time job in September 2019 to become a full time youth worker with Youth for Christ.

The Jankos lead and organize Youth for Christ‘s Rock Solid clubs, which are focused on children and young people. Most of these youth have never felt they are loved and accepted, so there is a great opportunity to invite them to God’s family.

Pavla, who was seriously ill a few years ago, gives all the Glory to God for saving her life. Although she is no longer able to have any more children, God told her that He has other children ready for her, which will not be from her body, but who will need her love.

Honza and Pavla are saddened to see how the young people they work with have to struggle not only with the fallen world in which they live, but sometimes also their parents and other adults. God has shown the Jankos that he wants to touch the whole families through the children. So together with their team of leaders, they are praying for direction about how to best be His light and take care of orphans and widows (Isaiah 1:17).

Thank you for keeping this couple in your prayers, as well as supporting and encouraging them as God leads. To hear more about them or the ministry in the Czech Republic visit, https://cz.yfci.org/czech/