Ravi ZachariasWell known apologist, Ravi Zacharias, head of Ravi Zacharias Ministries in Atlanta, was the Bible hour teacher at the recent YFC General Assembly in Thailand. While there he took 27 minutes to tell his powerful life story. He grew up in India along with four siblings. Ravi did not do well in school, as he would rather play cricket. Because he often disappointed his father, he was frequently beaten. His sisters convinced him to go to a YFC rally with Sam Wolgemuth as the speaker. Ravi was the only one to walk forward to receive Christ that night. Later, however, Ravi attempted suicide. YFC’s Fred David visited him in the hospital, read Scripture to him, and Ravi left the hospital a transformed 17-year-old. Later he won a preaching contest, got more education, and has written many books on apologetics. Please listen to hear the end of this amazing story.

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