Loveworks, a project of Youth for Christ in Canada has a vision to end extreme global poverty by inspiring and empowering a young generation to help create change together.Read more to learn about a recent campaign to help the Batwa people of Burundi.

YOU can bring hope.

See a family empowered and a village transformed.

Loveworks has been sharing the story of the Batwa people in Burundi with you for some time now, and we are excited to be sharing with you today a NEW chapter in this story.

Passed down generation to generation, is the tradition of handmade pottery crafted by the women in the village of Busiga. This beautiful tradition remains a unique aspect of the Batwa culture, however ahas become obsolete as a source of income. You can change that.

Your purchase of a pot not only offers a source of income and the opportunity for a family to be empowered while allowing for the purchase of small animals, it brings hope to this community.

To hear the story of Batwa pottery and how you can bring hope to this community through your purchase, please watch the video below:

There are 150 small pots, each $25, available for pre-order.

To place your pre-order, head to the project Facebook page where a Loveworks store has been launched. The anticipated shipping date for all orders is 15 December 2012, and we are unfortunately unable to guarantee delivery by Christmas.

If you would like to make a donation to further empower the Batwa familes of Busiga, you can make your donation online at the Loveworks website. You will be able to designate your donation in the drop down menu to “Batwa Pottery,” and receive a tax receipt.

If you have any questions about the campaign, ordering, or would like more details, please e-mail [email protected].

Loveworks’ mailing address is:
Box 42051 Millbourne RPO
Edmonton, AB   T6K 4C4