A Letter from The President

David Wraight

Nigeria in Western Africa is known as one of the most corrupt nations in the world. Last year I visited Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria with a population of around 15 million people. I found it to be one of the most out-of-control and dangerous cities I had ever visited. Car jackings, murder, robbery, gang warfare, assault and rape are common and expected. When we travelled from Lagos to Acure, a journey of five hours, we had to have an armed escort to protect us and the road was littered with burnt-out, bullet-riddled vehicles.

I think if you were trying to identify some of the hardest-to-reach and most inaccessible young people in the world, you would have to list the youth in the street gangs of Lagos. Yet Youth for Christ has a ministry to these young people.

The following is a report I recently received from our National Director in Nigeria, Ayo Ipinmoye:

“In Lagos we had an outreach to young people who had become addicted to alcohol, marijuana and other hard drugs and some of these were involved in killer gangs. Sola Famubo, our Lagos Coordinator with the active support of the Board, and funding by a supporter, planned the unique outreach as a party event, with lots of dancing and music. And of course short talks on drug use and addiction with a short exhortation. Intercessory prayers preceded the day.

At the end of the day’s events, 200 unbelieving young people (some puffed marijuana through the duration of the event) attended, as did 28 YFC staff and volunteers. About a hundred of these wild and hard living young people made first time decisions and were prayed for and counseled. Follow up activities will continue and your prayers are required for them to stand in the faith.

Our staff and volunteers in Nigeria are incredibly courageous and faithful servants of Jesus. Through you partnership with these young Christian leaders the most inaccessible and hardest to reach young people in the world are becoming true disciples of Jesus and agents of the Kingdom on the streets of Lagos.”