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God is Doing Greater Things in the Nations

Jovani is from the countryside in Haiti. He grew up raising cows and goats with his parents. His family wanted something better for him, so they sent him to the city, hoping he could make some money and send it back home.

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A Brand New Owen

As he began to open up about his home life, it was clear to see he was hurting and crying out for attention…

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Jumping out of the ditch, a nefarious-looking group of young men hijacked our van full of teenagers…

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ePray: PRAISE the LORD

Pray for Alem, the National Director of Youth for Christ Ethiopia, who recently was in Canada for a prayer leadership retreat. Alem is looking to mobilise and train others in prayer for the many lost youth across her region of Africa. Pray for a great move of prayer and evangelism in eastern Africa.

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"Every" Newsletter, Inspirational, Ministry Reports, News & Highlights, Stories of Young People

Secret Angel in the Warzone

They are so used to the sounds of war that many young people can tell the caliber of the artillery projectile simply based on the whistling sound…

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Help Launch Youth for Christ in Haiti

Donate to the ministry of Godwin Altidor to help launch Youth for Christ in Haiti.

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Thousands Reached with Gospel at World Cup in Russia

YFC Moscow partners with “More than Gold” to creatively introduce attendees to the good news.

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International Superwoman Training in The Netherlands

YFC The Netherlands hosted youth workers from several nations and led training for the Superwoman ministry model.

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International Vison Trip to YFC Moscow

Local Youth for Christ representatives from Britain and the Netherlands recently visited Youth for Christ in Moscow on a Vision Trip.

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