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God Entered In

Raising up life-long followers of Jesus who lead is the linchpin of Youth for Christ’s strategic focus.

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Pain & Hope in Croatia

Croatia showing resiliency after devastating earthquakes and other tragedies.

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Netherlands Celebrates 75 Years!

Youth for Christ Netherlands is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2021.

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YFC Northern Ireland – Going Smaller & Deeper

Small groups become tailored to meet each young person’s individual need; and in a less intimidating environment there is a greater ability to learn, be honest and be vulnerable.

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Ezekiel’s Story

Having been in and out of jail, Ezekiel once again found himself in the detention centre. “I got locked up … I was in a really helpless spot, a time where I didn’t really care what happened to me…”

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A Vision for Changing A Nation

“Burundi went through so many challenges because we lost so many people when the genocide started in 1993. Many children in this nation have no parents due to the long civil war,” Freddy said. “But God called us, Youth for Christ, to reach out to this generation, starting with children.

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Kidstop Needs A New Home

That they might be called “repairers of broken walls…” (Isaiah 58:12) Help as you are able. Pray for provision. Encourage our missionaries.

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Some Seeds Are Slow to Bear Fruit

“God, I’ve prayed and shared and cried and given all I can and they’re no closer to you now than they were when I started…”

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ePray: Global Day of Prayer & Fasting

A look at the Prayer & Fasting devotional from Lyndal Walker’s new book “Intimacy, Intercession and Increase.”

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