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The Definition of Resilient

The day after the explosion, the entire Youth for Christ staff came together to help clean up and start repairing the ministry facilities and staff apartments. As we did so…

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Youth for Christ Seeks Board Members

Learn more about an opportunity to serve with International Board of Directors for Youth for Christ.

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No Lockdown Can Stop Our God!

Praise God for his faithfulness, his protection, and his provision. Praise Him for the young people all over the world whose lives are changed forever because of the Youth for Christ camp experiences they had this summer.

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Ministry Report from Ghana

Ghana reports on the latest ministry of Youth for Christ in the African country.

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Why Do We Do This?

Learn why youth in Spain thank God for “Fridays”.

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Wake Up Deborah – What is it?

An introduction to the prayer ministry of Wake Up Deborah

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MORE – The Global Online Gathering – Now Registering

Please join us together and online for a digital gathering of the global Youth for Christ family on 16 & 17 September 2020. We look forward to reconnecting with familiar faces, hearing about some great things happening in the kingdom, learning a bit, and enjoying some time together with our Youth for Christ family.

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From the President

Devotions with Dave, September 2020

When Jesus was called a Samaritan, it was meant as an insult. But Jesus was not insulted. Have you ever wondered about why? Join Dave for a few minutes to explore God’s Word.

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Hope for a Teen Mother

A young woman from Rwanda shares her story of transformation from prostitution to following Jesus.

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