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At The Manger: Our Christmas Music Playlist

A playlist of songs to go with our Advent celebration. Follow our Advent posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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Isaac’s Testimony – Romania (Poarta Oilor)

Isaac, a youth from Augustin, shares his experience at IMPACT 2021.

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YFC Receives “Shining Light” Award

YFC International is proud to receive a 5 star overall efficiency rating, an “A” transparency grade and the 2021 Shining Light Award from Ministry Watch.

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Simple Deeds Prepare The Way

God uses the prayers, projects, and gifts of Youth for Christ International supporters and staff to prepare hearts and change lives.

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"Every" Newsletter, Inspirational, News & Highlights

Brazil: What Really Matters?

Youth for Christ Brazil will celebrate 70 years of outreach to young people next year. Throughout their history, they have never been through such a hard time as in 2021.

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YFC Northern Ireland BlueHouses: Drop-In Centres for Youth

An insight from some of the incredible volunteers at BallysillanYFC (Northern Ireland) who give up their time each week to serve at the BlueHouses and bring life to so many people, including themselves.

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YFC Jordan: Christmas Care Packages

Your gift to Youth for Christ in Jordan will help staff provide Christmas care packages to hard-hit families in their communities, serving as a meaningful reminder of the Messiah’s arrival to the earth, communicating God’s limitless love and inspiring hope in the midst of suffering.

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Inspirational, Ministry Reports, News & Highlights

Reaching Youth for Christ During Sudan’s Coup

When the military closed Khartoum’s airport and disrupted their discipleship training, a generational odd couple from YFC Lebanon improvised and preached to hundreds of students. (story and photos by Christianity Today)

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Africa Prayer Update (November)

A prayer guide to help you pray for Youth for Christ nations throughout Africa during the month of November.

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