Sam Weiler, National Director  of Youth for Christ in France

After this weekend my country will never be the same. The horror of the terrorist attack reached my countrymen deep into his flesh. France remains standing despite all this and will continue to exist and to defend the values ​​that are his. As a follower of Christ I have great compassion for the victims and their families who are in mourning. I rebelled against this evil that kills and wants to lock us in fear, anguish and sow hatred in our hearts. But I will not be mistaken the fight: the Bible says that we do not wrestle against men, but against powers, against the rulers of this dark world, against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. These terrorists are themselves victims locked in lies, dominated by the power of evil that is only violence, hatred, destruction and death. My friends, do not let this evil invading us, but fighting in prayer dressed in the power we have in Jesus Christ. Answer death by life, hatred by love, to the offense by forgiveness. We turn to Jesus, the true light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man.

Maher El Hajj, National Director of Youth for Christ in Lebanon

Lebanese Shiite lives matter. French Parisian lives matter. Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian: Christian, Sunni, Shiite refugees’ lives matter. Do remember, we all have one enemy and it is not each other. Whoever you are, you matter to Jesus Who is against the evil one and his dark servants.

Thank you for joining us in prayer:

  • for the families of the victims in Beirut and Paris, for healing of traumas, for the terrorist activities to stop, for (young) terrorists who are locked in lies, for our youth who are vulnerable, for freedom….
  • and may we not forget the other nations in our Area (Syria and Iraq) where evil is very active and our brothers and sisters are in desperate need of our prayers. Pray God will shine His light over our nations to drive out darkness.