About Youth for Christ Zimbabwe

Restarted around 2011 our stated mission was “passionately pursue lost teens with urgency as the doors to the Gospel seem to be closing fast.” This statement seems to echo an even greater urgency today.

Our ministry to young people in schools, communities, on sports fields, and the streets grew, drawing teens to a language they understood, communicating challenges that resonated with reality. Student leadership camps have equipped pupils with tools to be catalysts for change in their area of influence. As if preparing for the COVID curveball, six staff attended digital ministry training by Youth for Christ International, helping the team remain geared to the times and on the cutting edge.

We look forward to effective digital evangelism and continued provision of basic needs to vulnerable youth affected by the pandemic. More ministry at grassroots will possibly be birthed out of recent collaboration with 30+ Christian leaders. The “Life Pregnancy Help Centre” initiative stands to address the challenges of teen pregnancies.

Søren Kierkegaard stated, “Life must be understood backward, but it must be lived forward.” Thus, we will go everywhere and take every opportunity to pursue youth and connect them to Jesus.

Zimbabwe, once one of the wealthiest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, is ranked among the highest condom users in the world. Yet the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate still remains one of the highest in the world, statistics revealing that as high as 47% students tested in some universities are HIV positive.

Youth for Christ Zimbabwe is challenging young people with God’s truth that if they choose life, they secure a future through Christ. We are reaching young people everywhere through ministries which include teaching on purity and raising awareness of AIDS, creative arts ministries in schools and community centres and churches, life-skills and vocational-skills training, clubs, sports ministry, youth leadership development programmes, camps, drop-in centres and more.


Young women in Heany Junction given a sexual health talk by a volunteer studying nursing

Prayer Needs

  • Barriers to minister would be minimized and new opportunities realised
  • The Holy Spirit to prepare hearts of young people to receive the gospel and say “Yes” to Jesus
  • Increased evangelism in townships, villages and remote parts of the nation
  • More faithful labourers and like-minded partners to reach all the youth
  • Strength, health and safety for ministry staff and their families
  • Guidance, wisdom and favour for all in authority as they navigate economic and national turbulence