About Youth for Christ Uruguay

Youth for Christ in Uruguay began more than 50 years ago (1972), inspired by Jimmy Ferguson from South Africa. His empathy, serenity and joy, disciplined life, generosity and humility had a profound impact on those around him. From these interactions we realized that as we witness the needs of humanity around us, especially those of children, youth and their families, each of us has a calling on our lives to participate in God’s mission.

Every time a child of God suffers violence, poverty, injustice, exclusion, conflicts with the law, despair, in secular and even religious contexts, the dignity given by the image of God, that each person has for being a creature of our Father, is being denied, and there is an opportunity to serve, to show him God’s saving project for him. We feel the call to approach them with his love, a love that for many is so difficult to see in their lives by themselves, because adversities have dehumanized them, they do not see themselves as God’s creatures, much less as children.

Over the years, a creative team, committed to faith and therefore to people, motivated and innovative, has been formed and has joined forces with churches and organizations in Uruguay, Latin America and the Caribbean. This team of professional Christians has developed relevant, innovative and pertinent methods to reach children and youth with the Gospel. This alliance, initiated by Youth for Christ Uruguay, was called South-South (Sur-Sur), and is one of the hallmarks of our ministry in which we participate today, with a staff of more than 180 people and many volunteers.

In Youth for Christ Uruguay we work in programs that focus on children and youth and their development towards a full, dignified life. Juventud para Cristo operates early childhood and family care centers, youth centers and manages several projects aimed at youth and adults in severe socio-economic vulnerability. Directly serving more than 2500 people, and in many of them their families.

Our “Claves” program works in Latin America and the Caribbean to prevent all forms of violence and promote a culture of peace for children and adolescents. To achieve this, we have a publishing house that creates didactic materials and a team of professionals that designs and teaches courses and diplomas. We also have our educational center “El Retoño”, available for retreats and camps, training, among other activities.

We also develop in articulation with other private and state actors, a strategy of advocacy in public policies, so that these reflect as much as possible the values of the Kingdom of God, justice, equity, solidarity, peace, focused on people and their needs as a priority.

Prayer Needs

  • For a team that lives fully the Gospel of love that we receive from Jesus. That we may lay on his Holy Spirit and let Christ be seen in everything we do.
  • For creativity, wisdom and judgement to implement in a changing world the mission that we’ve received.
  • For the necessary resources for a professional institutional management, committed to the values of the Kingdom of God.
  • Strengthening of the networking with churches, social organizations and communities.
  • For agreements of cooperation with the Uruguayan State.