About YFC Uganda

YFC Uganda was founded in 1992, and since then we are passionate about reaching young people with the gospel of Christ. We do this through school and community evangelism and discipleship outreaches, counselling and care of pregnant teenagers, leadership development, and education of young people in need. Through music, dance, drama, life stories, training, counseling, and care we deliver the gospel to young people.

YFC Uganda school youth

Over the years, we have established three Centers, namely our head office, “Zion” in Kilokole (Central Uganda), Idudi (Eastern Uganda), and Gulu, Northern Uganda. Our vision is to continue to reach young people focusing more on discipleship of young people who will evangelize and disciple others.

The team in Uganda is committed to evangelism and discipleship of its young people. Their current ministries include gospel outreach, leadership development, crisis pregnancy counseling and care of pregnant teenagers.

Outreach ministry takes place in schools, churches and communities. They challenge youth to commit their lives to the Lord, abstain from sex until marriage and live exemplary Christian lives.

Counselling and care for girls who are faced with crisis pregnancy and have been rejected from home is one of ou care activities. There is also a vocational training program which helps the young mothers to learn a trade skill and better their lives.

Youth for Christ has been in existence in Uganda for 29 years, reaching youth with the love and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the years, programs have targeted the needs of young people i.e. gospel programs, sex education HIV/AIDS, crisis pregnancy. Our focus is to build lasting relationships with young people . This strategy is incorporated into the existing programs so as to create life long followers of Jesus Christ.

This has proved to be very effective because there is now more time with the youth to build trustworthy relationships and they are discipled for a longer period. All staff and volunteers are excited for the many more years to come building lasting relationships with young people that through it many will come to know and live for the Lord. We are always grateful to God and our partners who have made our service to the Lord possible and worthwhile.

Prayer Needs

  • Ministry to be of impact to the young people
  • God to bring along more partners (locally and internationally) in order to reach more youth in Uganda
  • Open more local Youth for Christ ministry sites in Uganda
  • Provision in order to meet our current ministry needs