Trinidad and Tobago

About YFC Trinidad & Tobago

In August 1956, Trinidad and Tobago welcomed to its shores Keith Rowe, a young Jamaican. He introduced the YFC movement to our twin-island state.

YFC Trinidad and Tobago home gardening for our 2020 virtual Camp Glorious website

Over the past two decades, we have had some exciting times under the leadership of the National Director, Pastor Frank Porter. During this time, models including Liberation Day, Camp Glorious and Prayer Kids have impacted the national community.

However, in 2019, with the advent of COVID-19, we have been forced to change our operation from being face-to-face to virtual. Thus far we had a very successful virtual Camp Glorious with over 12,000 devices used. Additionally, our monthly Prayer Revival meetings, Boyz Talk and Girlz Talk, geared toward teenagers, have been our focus. The stage is being set for additional models to be implemented virtually.

As soon as the opportunity permits we intend to return to our face-to-face ministry methods.

Prayer Needs

  • Adequate funding for ministry and staff
  • Spiritual development of staff and volunteers
  • Establish prayer units in each of the country’s 12 regions
  • Development of YFC bases in each region and building relationships with local church pastors