About Youth for Christ Thailand

Early in 1973 Dr. Billy Kim, Rev. Leon Gold and Jet Lin had a meeting in Manila and agreed that Jet Lin would pioneer Youth for Christ ministry in Thailand. He established this mission in mid-1973 as the first Director of Youth for Christ Thailand. Since then we have developed the ministry in Thai society with a clear mission to evangelize and make disciples of Thai youth, under the leadership of four National Directors: Jet Lin (1973-1974); Dr. Chaiyun Ukosakul (1976-1984); Nitichet Sadudeewong (1984-2005); and Pattawit Onkchareon (2005-present).

Youth Challenge event and online evangelism

We focus on sharing the Gospel to students under grade 12 as statistics indicate that the youth in that age are more open-minded. Youth for Christ does not plant churches, but rather works in partnership with local churches through three main strategies.

  1. Power: Proactive evangelism.
  2. Ants devour elephants: Share the Gospel and make disciples through youth volunteers.
  3. Partnership: Work together with churches and other organizations.

After the pandemic of COVID-19, we have explored every new way to share the Gospel and make disciples via online channels along with face-to-face ministry.

Prayer Needs

  • Wisdom in developing outreach packages for schools and colleges
  • Lifeskills center development where many types of training will be offered for young people
  • Continued effective ministry to the youth
  • Increase in networking with local churches and organizations to maximize service to young people
  • Continued development of staff and volunteers