About Youth for Christ Slovakia

Youth for Christ Slovakia was founded by Marian Lipovsky, Bob Tanner, and others in 1995. Over the years, the ministry has included worship school, counseling school, and various conferences and events at our mission center in Kralova Lehota.

Our biggest event, the summer youth festival CampFest, welcomes more than 6,000 people every year and offers worship, teaching, concerts, performance art, movies, and workshops on four stages. Our long-term focus is counseling ministry – we provide hundreds of counseling sessions a year and train more than 100 counselors every other year in a systematic two-year school of Christian counseling.

Youth for Christ Slovakia also runs a Christian TV station reaching 600,000 households in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. During the COVID crisis, we transformed our counseling school to online teaching and focused more on our volunteer program for young people in difficult life crises. Our vision is to create a Christian counseling and mental health center for these people.

Slovakia’s team is engaged in reaching its young people with the Gospel through the following:

  • clubs
  • coffee bars
  • a youth center
  • camps (see video below)
  • festivals
  • dance and sound studio ministries and music events, some of which are done in partnership with other organizations

Prayer Needs

  • Adequate funding for staff, programs, and necessary equipment.
  • Spiritual development and encouragement of staff and volunteers.
  • Open doors for networking with organizations, churches, and individuals.
  • Increased funding for the land and new youth center building.
  • Unification of Christians in encouraging the revival of young Slovaks.