A New Season for Youth for Christ in Serbia

At the beginning of 2017, God called Kristian Vučković to lead Youth for Christ in Serbia. Since then, they have established a new board, and a new vision and passion that Christ will use them to reach many more in coming years.

Through partnerships and various projects, the team in Serbia wants to reach EVERY young person in their country for Christ, and also to disciple people to help them in this mission.

The Vision

Raising up life-long followers of Jesus Christ and discipling them to reach Serbia.

The Vision

Reaching unbelievers
People who don’t know Christ personally, who have never heard the gospel and don’t have any contacts with a Christian church.

Investing in unbelievers
Working with unbelievers who are open, ready to listen and who are searching for God. People who are coming to our events and visiting churches.

Discipling youth
Doing discipleship and strategically investing in youth and future leaders. Investing in believers to be Christ-like and equip them to reach Serbia.

Rest zone
We believe that “rest” should be present and constant through everything we do. Time for rest in every way. Time for family, relationship with God, marriage, and friendships.

Partnerships with other like-minded organizations and individuals to reach the same goals.

Partner with Serbia Through…

The most important and impactful thing anyone can do is pray for my family, for me personally and for the ministry to which I have been called to serve. I am praying that God will provide a team of prayer warriors. If you would like to receive a monthly email update about what God is doing in Serbia through this ministry, contact me at [email protected] or through the contact form on this page. I would love to keep you in the loop of what is God doing in Serbia.

I believe that God will build a team which will serve with me as volunteers and teammates. Please, pray with me for this. If you feel God calling you to serve in this ministry, please contact me at [email protected] or through the contact form on this page.

Everything done by Youth for Christ is financed through the generous giving of those who wish to stand with us in this ministry. We believe God will provide the finances needed for that which He has called us to. Please, prayerfully consider standing with me as part of the Youth for Christ team in Serbia through financial giving (both special gifts and recurring gifts are needed).

To join the team financially, you can make donations by clicking the donate link on this page or at:

Prayer Needs

  • For wisdom and direction in the ministry of Youth for Christ Serbia
  • That Youth for Christ in Serbia will be sensitive to God’s leading
  • For proper balance with family, ministry, church and all other responsibilities
  • For people who would serve together with Kristian because he is pioneering
  • For the Youth for Christ team in Serbia to expand
  • That God provides the finances needed for Youth for Christ ministry in Serbia