Because of you…

Our focus has two points: Reversing the alarming national statistics against youth; and to train youth leaders in Peruvian churches to act and make the change.
To reach this, we have implemented workshops to let us to enter schools and make all these boys and girls shine with the light of Christ; we have also created training tools to prepare young leaders with the passion that runs in the veins of Youth for Christ.

We walk hand by hand with our spiritual mothers with “Wake up Deborah,” who pray fervently for these young people and teenagers to see them at the feet of the Lord.

Watch the video below for an overview of the history and ministry of Youth for Christ in Peru (in Spanish).

Prayer Needs

  • Growth and trusting of the volunteer team
  • Increase funds to cover the workers that are of impact through the ministry.
  • Perseverance to disciple new believers.