About YFC Nicaragua

YFC Nicaragua has been known as a relational ministry. For ten years we have served our people through evangelism programs like: the Game Plan, English as a second language, Bible study, Celebrate Recovery, children’s ministry, and leadership training. Our method has been to work in small groups so we can have the chance to listen to each participant and clarify what God is leading us to share. This way we have been able to reach more than a thousand youth in a year.

YFC Nicaragua 10th grade students from Herman Gmeiner High School

When COVID-19 hit our country, we had to learn how to serve in a different way, using technology like phones and internet so we could continue sharing the Good News. We have found how powerful media is, and now it is part of our program. We still do our programs physically in groups of no more than 15.

Something we miss is mission teams coming in to help us share and train on the field.

Young people in Nicaragua are reached using the following ministries:

  • High School ministry: “The Game Plan.”  This comprises topics such as planning for the future, no sexual relationship before marriage, God’s plan for my life, identifying those enemies that will keep me away from God’s dream and purpose for my life, etc. 900 students are expected to be involved this year.

  • Children’s ministry:  English as a second language, Bible study. 28 kids under 10;  27 participants ages 12 – 15

  • English class for adults: ESL. Volunteers participate in the children’s ministry and  Bible study.  Teaching English has become a great tool for evangelism.

  • Bible study.  This is for our volunteers and open to anyone who wants to come and join.

  • Camps
  • Project Serve mission teams