About YFC Niger

YFC Niger staff, L to R, Mamoudou, Assistant National Coordinator, Akani, Office Secretary, and Timothy, Training Director

Ali Moussa Hamani started the Youth for Christ ministry as a pioneer in Niger in June 1998. In 1999 we were officially recognized by the Republic of Niger as a religious association.

We started the ministry with a musical group called Peniel and a football team. Both of these programs have proven to be very effective in evangelizing young people. In 2005 we opened an Evangelical School called Peniel. Today we have over eight hundred young people to whom we preach the Gospel five times a week. We also have television programs that allow us to preach the Gospel to thousands of people once a week.

Since the coming of COVID-19, things have changed a lot. From March to May 2020 all activities were suspended. But from June 2020 we restarted activities by respecting the barrier measures decreed by the authorities. We have developed social media communications to bypass restrictions related to COVID-19. We are glad to see that this form of communication works very well by the grace of God.


Prayer Needs

  • Praise God for the ongoing success of the school
  • That the Niger government will continue to allow Christians and churches to operate freely
  • Guidance and wisdom in contributing to the development of the country’s youth with practical ministries
  • God to raise up committed and Godly leaders and volunteers willing to partner with the ministry
  • Spiritual revival in Niger
  • Political, social, and economic stability
  • God’s provision of daily financial and living needs in the midst of drought