Northern Ireland

Because of You

Young people in Northern Ireland are being reached through the following ministries:

  • camps
  • clubs
  • dance & music teams
  • praise & worship events
  • school ministries
  • sports ministry
  • youth centre
  • coffee bar

The team in  Northern Ireland has been reaching out with the good news of Jesus Christ for sixty years. For the past six decades they have strived to be faithful to the Bible and the church while remaining relevant to the culture in which God has called them to work, the ever-changing world of youth!

While there is a staff team of youth workers, evangelists, preachers and support workers it is primarily a volunteer movement. Each week hundreds of volunteers are serving in centres, programs and projects. Each volunteer is giving time to fulfil the mission of bringing the Gospel to the unchurched young people of Northern Ireland.

In order to stay relevant, they are constantly adapting programs and projects. Over the years, Youth for Christ has been working across the six counties in Northern Ireland through Gospel crusades, rallies, film presentations, coffee bars, music and arts. Recently the most effective tools have been local Youth for Christ centres, schools work, creative arts and summer missions. In the future, they hope to introduce new ministries that will achieve the mission and vision.