About Youth for Christ Mongolia

After the fall of the communist regime in 1990, Mongolia got its constitutional religious right, currently, 1.8% of the population is viewed to be Christians by 2022. Youth for Christ Mongolia was established in 2013, with 3 full-time staff and 20 volunteers. Youth for Christ Mongolia adapted and further developed various ministry models from other Youth for Christ national programs such as the “True Friend” book café, sports outreach, true discipleship program to equip rural area youth leaders, and digital evangelism.

Our most successful program is the “True Friend” 12-week-long speaking club, initiated and designed by the YFC Mongolian team, aiming to share the Hope of Christ with youths been implemented by more than 10 local churches in Mongolia and shared the gospel with more than a thousand youths. Unfortunately, the Covid19 global pandemic hit harshly Mongolian Christian community, and 65% of the local churches have closed their youth ministries. Therefore, our local team has been working with 18 local churches and equipped their youth leaders to relaunch their youth services.

“True Friend” young leaders’ camp

Prayer Needs

  • Spiritual growth of the youth who have converted to Christ Jesus
  • True Friend outreach program may reach out to many lost youths in Mongolia and other countries
  • We wanted to open a business as a mission project to support our local office
  • New branch opening. We are praying for the launching of the second office
  • We wanted to have a youth development center in Mongolia, pray for the funding
  • Van for the local staff to travel to the rural areas to share the gospel and equip youth leaders
  • Adequate resources, and funding for the current and new staff members