About Youth for Christ Lebanon

“My first Youth for Christ camp was right after COVID. Connecting was a snap, with all the crazy fun camp vibes—like that one time we lost but danced it out anyway. At Youth for Christ, I found room to breathe, dream, and figure out life’s big questions. I know nowhere else in Lebanon where dreams are encouraged.”

~Gloria, 17-year-old teen

Gloria’s first Youth for Christ Lebanon camp was a burst of joy and discovery, typical of the life-changing experiences we’ve nurtured since 1963. Connecting with ease and dancing through setbacks, she—like countless youth at Youth for Christ Lebanon—found a place to dream and grow in faith. Founded by Len Rodgers to bring the Gospel to young hearts in Lebanon, Youth for Christ Lebanon has been a beacon of hope through times of peace and crisis alike. Guided by visionary leaders like John Sagherian and Maher El Hajj, our ministry has stood as a testament to resilience, igniting hope in each new generation. With seven diverse departments, we press on, driven by a relentless commitment to share Christ’s love with every young person in Lebanon.

School Ministry

Since its inception in 1963, our School Ministry has been a cornerstone of Youth for Christ Lebanon, sparking discussions about Jesus and guiding teens toward a personal relationship with Him. Through established partnerships with local schools, Youth for Christ implements outreach initiatives, such as on-campus chapels and special programs. Signature events like the Ignite Worship Night and the celebrated Youth for Christ summer camps further deepen these bonds.

Manara Youth Center

In recent years, we’ve recognized that our core demographic—underprivileged youth aged 12 to 18—faces many challenges in Bourj Hammoud (an overpopulated Beirut suburb). Hence, Manara Youth Center has been providing vital services and support since 2018, including tutoring, recreational activities, peacebuilding, psychosocial support, and spiritual guidance. Central to our mission is sharing the Gospel, and we’re encouraged to see an increasing number of young people embracing faith and actively influencing their peers.

Vocational Training Program

Launched in 2019, our Vocational Training Program rapidly expanded to meet the increasing needs of Bourj Hammoud’s predominantly underprivileged youth. Beginning with carpentry, the program now delivers training in marketable skills such as sewing and computer programming while fostering personal growth and character development through mentoring sessions and English language instruction. Crucially, the program also offers these teens, many of whom are non-Christian, opportunities to engage with the Gospel.

AXIS Youth Center

Axis Youth Center, launched by Youth for Christ Lebanon in 2021 in Zahle, offers a sanctuary for 12-18-year-olds, combining fun and spiritual engagement in a welcoming environment. Catering to various needs, the center offers diverse programs such as Dare2Ask (open forums on challenging topics), themed clubs (art, music, theater, etc.), and discipleship while also addressing mental health and empowering young women through the SuperWoman initiative. At the drop-in center, youths can make friendships, foster connections with youth workers, and experience meaningful encounters with Christ.

Bekaa Youth at Risk

Amid pending needs in the Bekaa Valley, international aid has often overlooked the youth, prompting our dedicated outreach since 2016 to predominantly non-Christian refugee teens. Recently, as Lebanon grapples with economic decline, we’ve extended our support to local underprivileged youths. Our Bekaa Youth at Risk Ministry embodies Christ’s love through vocational training, recreational programs, emotional support, and spiritual outreach.

Social Media Ministry

The social media team produces web series with young participants that foster open dialogue on hot topics in a respectful space. Filming days feature shared meals that extend the discussion and friendships. Online, viewers engage by asking questions and expressing their views, revealing a deep desire to know God. The team responds attentively, seeking to connect offline and guide individuals toward a personal connection with Jesus.

Leadership Training

Since 1994, the “Leaders in Training” ministry of Youth for Christ Lebanon has collaborated with local churches and NGOs to train and mentor young adults committed to impacting teenagers. The LIT program offers year-long comprehensive training and one-off workshops covering ministry skills, personal growth, and youth culture issues. Participants gain practical experience through Youth for Christ ministries, culminating in organizing a camp as their final project, with ongoing field coaching and support. Youth for Christ’s training initiative thus serves as a vital link for those eager to support and lead youth ministry in Lebanon.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for the leaders and staff of Youth for Christ Lebanon as they plan and implement programs and activities to reach and disciple young people in Lebanon.
  • Pray that God continues to open doors for impactful outreach to young people across Lebanon. May the message of hope and salvation in Jesus Christ resonate with those who hear it.
  • Pray for the spread of the Gospel throughout Lebanon, that hearts may be transformed, communities impacted, and God’s kingdom advanced in every corner of the nation.