About Youth for Christ Hungary

Youth for Christ has been actively engaging young people in Hungary and reaching them for Christ since 1992. The ministry includes clubs for teenagers, youth magazines, coffee houses and rap bands serving in schools.

Youth for Christ Hungary aims to help young children experience that God can be rock-solid in their everyday lives. During the recent years, we were working on a project to translate a new Bible, which was created especially for the youth. The Rock Solid program is a strong pillar of our work and we organise camps and trainings not only in Hungary but also abroad. One of our colleagues spent a year in Transcarpathia (Ukraine) on a mission trip. We were also invited to a youth conference in Debrecen to lead the worship sessions.

Because of the coronavirus, we had to postpone many of our camps, teen conferences and trainings. We had to switch to regular online meetings with our colleagues. But this period was suitable for us to edit new materials for Rock Solid, including a revised book and videos, in which we explain the message of each chapter of the book. With these, we would like to help youth workers in launching Rock Solid programs.

Our team has expanded recently, and we aim to involve more volunteers to make strong bonds. We also plan to contact other organizations to start new projects together.

Prayer Needs

  • Spiritual development of staff and volunteers.
  • Adequate ministry resources for staff, training and outreaches.
  • Partnership with local churches.
  • Guidance and opportunities to start student-led Bible clubs (sChOOL49 Club) in all high schools in Budapest and in Miskolc.