About YFC Haiti

YFC Haiti kids from school program in a rural area

YFC Haiti was started in June 2018 by Godwin Altidor who began ministry in Port au Prince and Jeremie. There are approximately 11 million people who call Haiti home with 54% of the population under the age of 24.

Our main outreach is to partner with already existing ministries to teach them how to do youth ministry. We help resource them with materials and support. Now we have our own church-based clubs and are in the school system with school-based clubs. We host clubs once-a-week all over the central plateau of Haiti.

COVID-19 put a complete halt to all our ministries. When we restarted we had an explosion of ministry opportunities. Things weren’t as bad here in Haiti as in other places in the world. We have bigger issues with insecurity and politics. We have done more adjustments for violence and kidnapping than for COVID-19.

When the pandemic is over, YFC Haiti aims to have mission teams visit and invest into their ministry.