About Youth for Christ Haiti

Haitian kids from a rural area take part in a school program

In such a complicated social context, where the future is uncertain, hope is lost. Godwin and his staff are committed to helping build a better future, instilling hope for the young people of Haiti by teaching them the gospel of Jesus Christ.

YFC Haiti also accompanies youth with culturally and educationally appropriate activities. These include cultural activities, board games and traditional games. YFC Haiti also invests in sport with the aim of developing  young people and exposing them to more opportunities. Staff organize training sessions for young people in art, leadership, entrepreneurship and trainings that will prepare them for the future.

There are about 3000 young people in Haiti’s Youth for Christ program. Youth For Christ Haiti currently has 10 schools, 6 churches and 1 orphanage in which youth attend weekly clubs.

YFC Haiti now has 7 full time staff and 65 part time staff.