About Youth for Christ Honduras

In Honduras we believe that it is vital that there is an organization whose mission, purpose, and strategy is focused on reaching the youth that do not know about Jesus. That is the reason for the existence of Youth for Christ Honduras. Youth for Christ is not just another organization aimed at young people and current believers. Youth for Christ is a movement of men, women, and young people who are dedicated to sharing the gospel with youth who do not know Christ, wherever they are found.

Although 92% of the population of Honduras professes to believe in God and many churches are full of young people, we find ourselves with high crime and drug addiction rates in the youth of the country. For this reason we try to be an alternative that promotes values in young people. Youth for Christ Honduras wishes to share its many years of experience, its ideas, programs, and resources for youth ministry and council to see a solid ministry effective in evangelism.


Our volunteers are a very important part in our ministry. Many of them sacrifice their time to serve God and people in any activity that we do. Although they do not receive a salary for what they do, they are always willing to serve and do everything with love and passion knowing that their reward comes of God.


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Mauricio Erazo: “Absolutely everything we do is with the goal of letting people know about God’s love and salvation.”

Alexandra Osorto: “I’ve served with Youth for Christ Honduras for more than three years and it’s been an awesome experience. I love being able to share with people almost my same age and being a leader for them.”

Elmer Eduardo Ramos: “I have served with Youth for Christ Honduras since 2016. I think God has sent us to spread the gospel to every people in the world.”

Brenda Reyes: “I have served with Youth for Christ Honduras for more than 15 years. I believe God called me to serve and show love, freedom, and hope. My deep desire is that all youth discover their value in God, and their original design.”

Lena Kvigne: “My time with Youth for Christ Honduras started in 2014 when I was part of a music ministry from the USA who partnered with Youth for Christ Honduras. I spent three weeks traveling with my ministry alongside Youth for Christ Honduras. I did that another two times before I decided to come and work with them full-time. I was drawn to Youth for Christ Honduras because they seem to have a way of sharing the love of God in fun and exciting ways.”

Alejandro Martinez: “I served more than five years as a volunteer and am now on staff managing social media and visual art. What inspires me to be part of Youth for Christ Honduras is to share God’s love with others and let others know the value of it.”


It is our project for excellence in which we try to make a deep impression in the lives of young people ages 16-18 through a fun and memorable experience. Staying a weekend in our mountain camp, we hold various challenges as well as sexual prevention and pure values talks. At the end of the camp, Youth for Christ staff and volunteers try to challenge our new friends to make positive and pure decisions in life and commit to living for Christ.

We are so blessed to be part of the changes in children and youth of our nation. We know that the principal character of everything is Jesus, we give thanks to him and to each person that is part of this beautiful work. We value our volunteers, staff, donors, and people who support us in prayer to continue establishing the kingdom of God in Honduras and in the nations.

Prayer Needs

  • Training team for volunteers and board members.
  • Curriculum for youth leader training.
  • Funding and resources, specifically for school clubs.
  • Sample projects and ministry models that can be evaluated and emulated.