About Youth for Christ Guinea-Bissau

Youth for Christ Guinea-Bissau staff members

Youth for Christ Guinea-Bissau was established in 1997 by an American missionary couple. This couple embraced Youth for Christ Africa’s Generation 21 Vision of equipping and empowering Godly young leaders to become catalysts for spiritual, economic and social transformation in their country and beyond. They developed a self-sustaining youth training center where young people study English, French, computers and theology. As a result, more than 19,156 youths have had a chance to listen to the Word of God and make a decision for Christ by studying at the center. This ministry is a shining example of a sustainable ministry model, as Youth for Christ Guinea-Bissau has no monthly financial supporters, but funds its entire ministry by the money that the center generates.

Youth for Christ was hit hard during the Covid-19 pandemic, and all its services were cancelled due to the lockdown. Being a non-profit organization, the center was unable to carry out many activities, namely, infrastructure maintenance, evangelization, and discipleship programs. After Covid-19, Youth for Christ resumed all its activities: a massive youth evangelism campaign, discipleship clubs, sports outreaches, youth concerts, and social aids.

There is a Youth for Christ youth training centre located in the heart of the capital city of Bissau. Over 1,000 young people pass through the centre each week. Other programs consist of:

  • English Language Institute where over 300 students study each year
  • Computer Training School which has over 35 computers in three air-conditioned labs. Over 500 students have the opportunity to study there each year
  • Theological Seminary of Bissau (STEB) is a 3-year Bible seminary preparing pastors and missionaries
  • G-21 Recording Studio which is the top studio in the country producing Christian music
  • A multi-sport complex where soccer and basketball programs run each day
  • The Instituto Canzion music school which trains musician and worship leaders
  • English Teacher Training School which prepares English teachers for future centres
  • Restaurant where students can eat meals and get snacks
  • A 6-room guesthouse which helps to fund the centre

Praise the Lord that this ministry has been sustaining itself financially with money generated by the centre.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for the Youth for Christ staff as they reach out to the youth of Bissau with the Gospel of Jesus
  • Pray for protection for the infrastructure of the youth training centre: generators/computers/vehicles/etc
  • Pray for more national teachers to be prepared and raised up so we can start new centres around West Africa
  • Pray for the country of Guinea-Bissau to have lasting peace and good leaders