About Youth for Christ Guatemala

Youth for Christ in Guatemala started in the 70s thanks to Virgilio Zapata and others. Then, beginning in the 80s, it was directed by Uriel García for more than 25 years. In 2015 it stopped, and at the end of 2019 Carlos Bámaca Rossil was called to restart the ministry for this season.

Before COVID-19 our ministry consisted of mobilization of young people for missions, youth camps to connect youth with God through nature, and the training of volunteer leaders to lead others and make disciples.

Youth for Christ Guatemala maintained Zoom contact with youth during COVID-19

One of the most outstanding programs of our ministry is the Bus of Life, a program that catalyzes, mobilizes and connects young people to volunteers.

By migrating all our programs and resources to virtual mode during the pandemic, we connected more with people, got to know the homes of involved young people, and were able to create a food bank that helped the families of involved youth who were most in need.

Our vision is to strengthen the faith of young people so that they can face the present and future times with their eyes and lives set on God.

Prayer Needs

  • Economic provision to adequately cover the salaries of staff and the operating expenses
  • For material in Spanish to train staff and other leaders
  • For the effectiveness of ministry
  • For the Lord to permit work with a larger number of volunteers
  • For the security of staff and their families, as well as the young people who are involved in ministry
  • For the Lord to provide an adequate property for offices and youth centre