About YFC Gambia

YFC Gambia leadership development for government parliamentarians

Youth for Christ Gambia was started by Donald Osman at Wesley Methodist Church in August, 1980. We run an International School (nursery, primary and high school) and a Vocational College in the capital city area and give children and young people within the institution an opportunity to know and follow Christ.

YFC Gambia also engages government (parliamentarians and community leaders) through their leadership development program. This is also a platform to share the hope of Christ. We also create jobs for young people through their manufacturing, export and poultry project. Today, the top gospel ministers in the country are former disciples of YFC Gambia. Other programs include sports ministry, nationwide gospel tours, Easter parades, etc.

The restrictions on gathering due to COVID-19 affected our events and school projects. After COVID we will restart our agricultural project and use it as a platform to reach out to young people, providing jobs and helping to reduce food insecurity in the country. We will also consolidate the YFC school project.

Prayer Needs

  • Increase in harvest through evangelism team’s outreach program
  • Increase in laborers as the team expands the school ministry into more locations
  • Peace and tranquility and freedom of religion in the country
  • Salvation of the leaders of households, as the entire family will follow
  • Wisdom in starting a sustainable business to provide reliable income to fund the ministry