About YFC Ghana

Youth for Christ desires to see a new generation of young leaders who are committed, dedicated and zealous for God’s work.

To achieve this objective and to be even more relevant to this generation and beyond, the ministry combines ministry activities as well as social involvement activities reaching out to the young people in our nation, regions, communities and beyond.

The ministry activities currently running include church youth leadership training, staff and volunteer training, youth evangelism, school worship, community club activities, counseling, mentoring, leadership coaching, sports and musical crusades among others.

Ghana also plays host to a number of Project Serve teams from around the world. In the area of social involvement, Youth for Christ is involved in HIV/AIDS awareness and sensitization programs, malaria awareness and a school project for the underprivileged in society.

With all these programs and more, Youth for Christ hopes to fulfill its responsibility of developing young people who will make a difference in their generation.

Prayer Needs

  • God’s blessing on the ministry of Youth for Christ
  • Strength and revitalization of the four regional centres, equipping their offices to make them operational
  • Favour with the government of Ghana as well as peace and stability in the economic, social, and political arenas of Ghana
  • Continued training of staff and volunteers, preparing them to meet the challenges of youth ministry
  • Continued expansion of the HIV awareness programs to help the nation’s youth