About Youth for Christ Georgia

One of the evangelistic clubs learning a new song in Shavshvebi

Youth for Christ started in Georgia in 2018 as a response to a need of reaching kids and teenagers for Christ. We thought the model of evangelistic clubs, day care centers, and camps would be a good way to accomplish that.

2020 with COVID-19 was unusual for everyone, so we had to stop and restart the ministry many times during the pandemic period. But our vision is to continue to multiply safe places for young people from disadvantaged families to come and hear the Gospel and learn to develop their gifts.

Main activities include day care centers for children at risk. The day center takes care of the following needs of children and teenagers:

  • Spiritual: providing engaging Bible lessons
  • Physical: providing food
  • Mental: helping with homework
  • Emotional: social engagement

Prayer Needs

  • Volunteers who dedicate themselves to serving at-risk children in day dare centers
  • Provision to cover costs of day care centers
  • Translation of materials for the ministry to local language (Georgian)
  • A place to work (an office) for Youth for Christ Georgia